What is AESCON?

AESCON is a meeting place for discussion on Asia-Europe sustainable connectivity, bringing together policy analysts, government representatives, the private sector and other stakeholders, with a particular focus on Asia-Europe connections.

The second edition of Asia-Europe Sustainable Connectivity Scientific Conference (AESCON2) built on the success and recommendations of the first AESCON held in September 2020. The online conference was organised after and as a following of the ASEM Summit (ASEM13) in Cambodia in November 2021. Thematically, the conference focused on one key subsect of connectivity: digital connectivity, which is high on the ASEM agenda and an EU priority.

Next to a high-level opening session, key policy priorities of digital connectivity were discussed in four thematic sessions: (1) secure, resilient and responsible digital infrastructure; (2) norms and standards for Trusted Connectivity; (3) digital connectivity for development; and (4) opportunities in the digital economy, as well as in the closing panel on the multi-stakeholder approach to digital connectivity. If you missed it, you can stil watch the recordings HERE or read the Policy Briefs.